Migration finished, summary of actions required

Please be reminded that your Servage account is moved to our brandnew and powerful platform. We sent two mails regarding to that to you with information and some instructions (one when the migration started, one when it was completed). If not done yet, then please read the mails and follow the instructions given. Here is a summary of the steps you need to consider to run the services without interruption. Step a) need to be done already at the beginning of the migration. The steps b) and c) should be followed when the migration is finished.

a) Control Panel password change

To access your new account, please go to:

On this page you have the "Forgot password?" feature and fill in your Servage account contact e-mail address. You will then get a mail with instructions how to get a password for the new account. The username is your Servage contact e-mail address. Your old Servage account is not accessible anymore.

b) New E-Mail server and Webmailer

Of course, all your email accounts and redirects will be migrated along with your emails. We also keep the same username and passwords (encrypted/hashed), but the server addresses are changing and you need to use a new webmailer which you find here: You find all information regarding to the new mail settings in our Helpdesk section:

c) Update of DNS settings

After completing the migration, we adjusted the DNS settings and name servers of all Servage managed domains (domains which are registered via Servage and which use our nameserver). No actions required from you.

However, if you have external domains or domains which are using external nameserver, you would need to update them yourself.

- If you run domains that use the Servage name servers but which are not registered via Servage, we can not update the name servers. You will need to contact your registrar to update the name servers to the new Servage servers so that service interruptions can be avoided. If that part is neglected, your domains will stop working after some time after the migration! The new nameserver are:

- For all domains which run before the migration via  third party nameserver you must update the DNS records (MX-Records, A-Record) yourself. In order to continue to use any of our services on these domains you will need to make sure that the DNS records match the new DNS settings that is found in your new Servage control panel in "Domain & Website" -> "DNS. Please contact the admin/provider of your nameserver and have them updated the DNS settings. If that part is neglected, your domains will stop working after some time after the migration!

If you are not sure via what nameserver/DNS records your domain runs, you can check them e.g. here:


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