DNS change after the migration

As soon as the migration is completed, the DNS settings for the domains will either be automatically be adjusted or you need to do some manual changes from your end.

For all domains which run before the migration via the Servage nameserver, our system will automatically adjust the DNS settings to the new Servage platform. Nothing needs to be done from customer end.

For all domains which run before the migration via the third party nameserver you must update the DNS records yourself. In order to continue to use any of our services on these domains you will need to make sure that the  DNS records match the new DNS settings that is found in your new Servage control panel in "Domain & Website" -> "DNS.

Please contact the admin/provider of your nameserver and have them updated the DNS settings.

If that part is neglected, your domains will stop working after some time after the migration!

If you have other services on domains that you know is not using our nameservers, so you must also update DNS records with the DNS provider you use to match the new DNS settings found in Domain & Website -> DNS in your new control panel, otherwise these services will stop working.

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