Customized error pages

An error page is often returned when a visitor attempts to access a page that doesn’t exist on your site. The two most common reasons a visitor gets e.g a 404 error are:

They mistyped the Web address (URL) of the page they were trying to reach; or
They followed a link to a page that no longer exists on your site.

In order to avoid the standard error pages, you can set up your customized error pages:

  • log in to your Servage account
  • go to Domains and Websites
  • Choose the site for which you want to manage the error page
  • Choose the Error code page from the list:


  • push the button edit
  • You can now choose to use the default error page. Or, you can redirect the user to an internal URL (to a webpage which you created within your Servage account). The third option would be to redirect the user to an external URL.
  • if you are done, push the button "Save"


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