Setup schedule tasks Or cronjobs

How to setup schedule tasks Or cronjobs for your website ?

  • login to your Servage control panel
  • Go to "Domains and websites"
  • Choose "Schedule URL":

  • a new window opens, click on "ADD NEW CRON JOB"
  • Put name of cronjob in 'Name' field
  • Select the execution time
  • Under 'start' option : first select date using the calender and if you want to execute cronjobs from midnight, then click on "Midnight" else click on "Now + 3min"
  • If interval selected as "Hourly" then one option occurredas "Recur", here put the exact hours for the cron
  • In 'URL' section, you can add cron excution URL where you have added cronjob task.
  • Click on "Add"
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