Should I choose Windows or Linux?

Windows or Linux, which should I choose? I have Windows on my computer, I have to choose Windows then?

These are the two most common questions we receive to our support and it is not easy to understand the difference and know what to choose. We'll try to sort this out in a simple way.


On our Windows servers you can use Microsoft two techniques named ASP and ASP.NET. These techniques are used to create dynamic pages such as to retrieve information from databases. Windows servers can also handle static pages done in HTML.


we are using the operating system Ubuntu (12.04) on our Linux servers, these can use the scripting language PHP for its web site. There are a very large number of open source scripts written in PHP, such as blog tool WordPress and website management system Joomla. Linux servers can also handle static pages done in HTML.

What should I choose?
If your home is made โ€‹โ€‹of:

  • ASP.NET or ASP
    Select Windows
  • PHP
    Select Linux

Apache and MySQL servers use cloudlinux instead of ubuntu.

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