Submit a support ticket

  • login to your Servage control panel
  • Go to: "Support" tab:

  • push the button "CREATE NEW SUPPORT TICKET". The support ticket mask opens:

  • under "Department" choose either:
  1. technical Support (if you are facing technical questions or issues) or
  2. Economy  (for billing related)
  • Add ticket subject in "Subject" field
  • Enter the description of the issue in the field "Message" (you can write your request in either English, German or Danish. For English, we provide a 24/7 support for either German and Danish we have office hours)
  •  Attachment: you can upload a picture if you think that may help to explain the matter.
  •  Push the button "Send". Our support will receive your ticket and will update the ticket as soon as possible. Please only open one ticket per request.
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